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We the Voyagers: Lata's Children (Matou Nga MokuPuna o Lata)
Film Screening and Q/A

Wednesday, April 8, 2020
6:00 PM (Doors at 5:30 PM)
Free member event

A two-part documentary film series in English language with subtitles when Polynesian or Pijin-English is spoken

Part 1. We, the Voyagers: Our Vaka  (56 minutes 12 seconds)

We, the Polynesian voyagers of Taumako, Solomon Islands, share our history, motivations and skills, through story-telling, canoe building and wayfinding. We recall our ancestors, who made the greatest of human migrations. We use only the designs, materials, and methods of our culture-hero, Lata, who built the first voyaging canoe (vaka) and navigated to distant islands. When Europeans took over we became isolated. To regain sustainability, Chief Kaveia, our most experienced navigator, led us in planting gardens, feeding workers, making rope from plants, weaving and sewing sails, protecting our trees, adzing parts for voyaging canoes and lashing them together. Kaveia also enlisted an anthropologist to help us make this film. After he died in 2009 we built a vaka. Chief Holani became our new Lata and prepared us for open-ocean voyaging. From our living story of Lata we learn that everyone is welcome in Lata’s crew and that we can avoid making key mistakes as we connect with long-lost family and new friends on faraway shores.

Echoes from the Hulls of Ships: Narrative Poetry Night at the Columbia River Maritime Museum

April 17, 2020
6:00 PM (Doors at 5:30 PM)

Poets Linda Strever and Sandra Yannone use narrative poetry and storytelling to bring to life transatlantic experiences in the days of sail and steamship.

Sandra Yannone’s book, Boats for Women, centers on the Titanic disaster and includes poems about victims and survivors; the book also uses the disaster and elements of the ship itself to shed light metaphorically on the dilemmas of contemporary life.

Linda Strever’s book, Against My Dreams, is a collection of poems in the voice of her Norwegian immigrant grandmother. She is also working on a series of poems about an earlier ancestor who arrived in America during the Age of Sail.

Their writing has interconnections related to immigration and the realities of being at sea. This lively and moving presentation involves both writers reading from their work, interspersed with stories to create context for their poems and to explore with the audience how they did their research.

Underwater Robotics Summer Camp

July 20-24, 2020
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

The Columbia River Maritime Museum is holding two Underwater Robotics Summer Camps for incoming 6th - 7th graders that are interested in robotics, oceanography, engineering, underwater archaeology, and marine technology. Campers will be designing, constructing, and testing their own ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) from start to finish over this week long STEAM focused day camp. Days will be spent constructing frames, piloting ROVs, building simple circuits, and soldering.

The simulated mission:

The “Beeswax Shipwreck” site has been located by the MAS (Maritime Archaeological Society) just off the Oregon Coast. MAS has requested that all available ROVs in the area report to the wreck site to help recover porcelain, beeswax, and other artifacts from the ship. In addition, they have requested that all ROVs help set up a temporary perimeter around the site.

Cost: $400, includes ROV. Scholarships are available thanks to the generous support of the Northwest STEM Hub.